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In 2020, the world was forced to look inward, and if we were lucky, we isolated with close friends and family. As humans, we created an improved definition for the word 'Nesting.' According to Wikipedia, Nest building is often driven by a biological urge to protect their offspring, or themselves, from danger. And, this my friends, is where the idea began...

Living through a pandemic forced us personally to prioritize a little differently. To recognize quality over quantity and find ways in the chaos to reel it in, slow it down, and create a space for peace, family, friends and of course, adventure. Travel looked different, trips were cancelled, tears were shed and online learning allowed for a more fluid home base, among the chaos of course.

The silver lining for our family, came in the form of summertime mountain getaways, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and hiking. We were outdoors, we were breathing fresh air and this simplicity quickly became our happy place. And so, the original Nest was born. A collaborative purchase, in the quiet neighborhood of WilderNEST. Hosting came about by accident, yet sparked a passion and a vision to expand.

The Collective is a vision I suppose, of working together for the common good. Raising the standards of short term rentals and therefore improving its reputation within the community. Like minded individuals who are not in competition with each other but collectively collaborating. We hope you love our collective and feel right at home at any of our properties.

Be good, do good. Cheers!



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“welcome to our nest!"
the nest collective is both owned
managed by doug & jilayne

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